fiber work

almost finished with my latest hat
Suzanne’s yarn + Forage Color

started recycling mom’s handmade blanket
hand-me-down with a theme of “sleeping bag”
I can salvage the pieced top
the rotten back, batting, and binding have to go
cutting all the yarn ties
more than mending, total deconstruction
will need new front and back

Sam left today
for Connecticut
more mending

long ledges hike

play of clouds with
occasional squall of snow
spongy trail through conifers
fallen trees and boulders
moss pillows, emerald green

on shores of woodland pools glowing green
against the sky’s matte gray reflection
beaver activity
cut saplings, sharpened points
piles of shavings carved by
beaver teeth

a very quiet hike
a kaleidoscope of colors
of the old Maine woods

friday fun

start at Edwards wine tasting
with cheese and crackers, shrimp and cocktail sauce
Jeff’s photography on display

then an interlude at Airline Brewing
while waiting for a table
my beer – a Scottish export

table ready, on to Finn’s
mussels for the table
I had a Dublin veggie sandwich
and a Sexy Chaos
conversation lots of fun
uninhibited, inclusive
opened up


i exercize my skillz all day

cook eggz and toazt

write up my goalz for 2017

fine-tune the mockupz,
changing out checkboxz for dropdownz

review the time feed with the team
pontificate on the

meet at Airline Brewing after work
to collaborate on this tense negotiation

respond unilaterally
without his input
with my skillz

the luxury hotel

registering at a hotel in Miami
January 5th and 6th

and “boutique”

offering turn down service
valet parking
adding a resort fee
not optional

between north and south beach
will be under water one day

is there a way to
put this prediction
on their website
under “Limited Edition”?

I’m resistant to every facet
of this wretched diamond

the bangkok

at a loss for words
this place is so unlikely

unprepossessing little house
on Route One next to Sears

inside, a Thai wonderland
hand carved tables and chairs

Owner Pronsavanh “Alicia” Soutthivong
eye-poppingly dressed and made-up

alarmingly friendly and hospitable
sharing all the details of her life

her new bartender
was a BA at KPMG

none of this seems possible

new directions home

need to commit to some activities
be less driven willy nilly by the wind
start reserving time for my own tasks


far fetched dreams, recorded here

learn a ukulele song
Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

volunteer, Machias

make some books

mend quilts

practice watercolor on this paper

daily yoga


meet the trees

writing, gardening, collage, crochet?