attention alphabets

I enjoy making digital crops of scans of painted/collaged papers. They are almost always more intriguing than the full pieces I have worked over. There’s a captivating randomness for how those small elements ended up next to each other, which is always a surprise. Sometimes I crop different areas of the same piece, but find there is always one that seems most pleasing. This is a kind of attention.

g's rising

g’s rising

a pile of O's

a pile of o’s

cloud of s's

cloud of s’s

crop of PRIVACY

a piece of PRIVACY

VAC is recurring. Vacation. Vache. Voice. Vacuuming. From Wikipedia:

Vāk or Vāc (stem vāc-, nominative vāk) is the Sanskrit word for “speech”, from a verbal root vac- “speak, tell, utter”.

Personified, Vāk is a goddess; in the Veda she is also represented as created by Prajapati and married to him; in other places she is called the “mother of the Vedas” and wife of Indra. In Hinduism, she is identified with Bharati or Sarasvati.

More on Vac

a disarray of monastics

I went to hear the Dalai Lama’s teachings at the Beacon Theater.

It was mostly a visual experience, and also one of noting human nature.

The monks’ robes were quite interesting, all that fabric, color, and draping that they had well in hand.

I have more to say about this, don’t know if I will post it here.


leaves leaving

Adding a layer of leaf photo on top of a digital composition of corners on top of a scan of a paper/paint collage.

I like working this way. There is a lot of trial and error, but it is so quick on the computer.

Layers, leaf photo on top of corners

Layers, leaf photo on top of corners

november invites

November invites –
a line from a poem I wrote long ago.

Contemplating walking –
I’m eager to post about my walks. It feels like an attempt to walk into a difference.

Jude Hill’s Spirit Cloth
Very inspiring. The pace and the determined focus. Minimal words and lots of pictures.

Walking and tinkering
with the appearance of this website. I am looking for something so particular. I had to edit font sizes on this one. And the title has not arrived yet.

Corners, sumi-e

Corners, sumi-e