sunday at camp

relaxing sunday
conducive to some work work
migration detailing all the requirements
organizing them in Minimum, Medium, High columns
the process has to hang together in each category
it’s quite absorbing but I reach the limit
of my logical investigation / imagination
had to set my worksheet aside for later
peppered with question marks
graphics floating in my head
technoludic fun

being in Hancock

morning taken up with mortgage business
lunch with Deb and visit Paula at camp
then out to Hancock
me, the house, the garden
one tree showing fall color already
peaceful, wistful
looking at the empty house
trying to reassure it and myself
walked a 2-mile loop past Jellison’s cove
remembered as a child in Maine
just being in the outdoors

the rooster and the loon

early mornings at the camp
pale gray light delineates the trees
still in bed listening to the sounds
rooster crowing, must be at a nearby camp
maybe on the other side
sounds a little hoarse
then a loon’s call in the distance
wild and shrill and shivery
not call and response
totally independent
both birds
but so different
early morning


practiced in the afternoon
sounded fine
clear as a bell

worked on the Office rewrite
after 5 when it was

got some dinner at the
chowder and a wrap

back by 7:30
call at 8 pm
8 am in Taiwan

sound okay at first
but soon a horrible
malevolent booming echo

put everyone else on mute
delivered my presentation
to dead silence

the big blue ball

closing is not happening friday
erase all the finallys of optimism
reset to the vastness of uncertainty

mental tailspin throwing out notions
of a future that was so real
now recognized as fantasy

coasting through the workday
it’s easy on demands of others
looking forward to vajravidya

recentering naturally present
gathering of new friends
meditating on the big blue ball


with my sister floating in the lake
gazing at the clouds
and tree-lined shore

carefree and unhurried
oblivious to mortgage trouble brewing
should have known I’d get a sunburn

made a trip to Hancock
greeted by a stargazer lily
surprised a young porcupine

picked vegetables in Jeff’s garden
purple carrot, rainbow beets, green beans, broccoli,
two red tomatoes, and potatoes

the Franklin dump

It’s open on weekends! makes sense. People leaving camp, packing out their garbage. Bought a ticket at the Trading Post, $2 a 39-gallon bag. Drove back to camp and filled up the one black bag that’s been hanging around since last year sometime, tagged it, dropped it off! One more to do next weekend. I feel like a Real Resident now.