holding pattern

up late at night
past midnight
waiting for
a turning point
it might come tonight
at 12:03 am

I took out the garbage
and the recycling
I made a quick sketch
of a rose stolen from
my neighbor

I took my grow-bone supplements
I drank a little juice
I brushed my teeth
I checked Facebook

nothing’s happening
no liberation

on the long road

in the wrong direction

what is wrong?
wrong with this picture
rest stops not refreshing
not awakening
waves of uncertainty
definitions falling through
skills insufficient

wrong time
wrong place


some would not recommend it
waiting for clarity
is not advisable

wood floors
don’t look right
even after an impeccable sweeping

long belong belonging belongings longing long

centering sunday

Youth is to wander! Adult is to act! Age is to assimilate the beauty of thoughts.

Debasish Mridha

Found this quote in my complimentary issue of
Taproot magazine

Want to make it the epigram of
this 365/60 series

Memories of the tangled past have
been arising

hula hooping and crochet!
the fateful repetitions of what brought me here

craving contemplation

common ground fair II

sunny bright and windy
crowded – hard to find your way
bought four kinds of yarn
anticipating crochet projects
wine-coffee tweedy skein
coffee-only small skein
super bulky celadon wool
and a gorgeous multi-fiber
multi-color skein with silvers,
purples, pinks, greens – expensive
but unbelievably gorgeous from
forage color

hulahooping, hot chai and sketching
walking out from Rose to Pine Gate

good life

mud creek ceremony

early PRS call
left home in darkness
monitoring the sky as
I drove to work

mud creek road
makes two sharp curves
crossing the tidal narrows
forcing everyone to slow down

a chance while driving to glance eastward
sky lightening to gray
at work all day
moments thinking “mud creek ceremony”

grateful to find ceremonies
intruding on these hectic days

night and day

sleep habits
without a TV

bedtime random
sometimes at dark

sometimes a bit

often waking
in the night

moon shining
on my face

rolling over
trying to hide

from moonlight
averse exposure

night day

day night
call at 8pm

8am in Taiwan
an hour of patchwork

speech, IM,
and powerpoint

trying to communicate around
the dark light world