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Finding interest in pieces of this larger piece. Scraps of text now only partly visible and fragments of phrases.



constant effort to transform delusions and they are inexhaustible it’s quite something! this blog needs a different title



A few accidental gardens: mess of nasturtiums with sparkles of feverfew pumpkin hanging in a bush, with that lovely bluish sheen dewy mullen with wee companion weed


I’m following Jude Hill’s “small journeys” on her Spirit Cloth blog. I am getting inspiration from her deliberate approach, from her quietness, from her language. I haven’t stitched anything in a long time, although I used to, a lot. I’m all over the place. I already feel a focusing influence from following small journeys.

rock wind


Originally photos of beach rocks taken in Trenton, Maine. Photo manipulation using “Wind” filter plus cropping.

reading at NYC’s Summer Nights on Jupiter


Rios Kaitlyn Greenridge Jsm Gbsn Kate Huh CAConrad Eileen Myles FRIDAY, September 5th at 7pm at Le Petit Versailles 346 E Houston St, NYC between aves B and C Troubled by a car alarm and a brief power failure – adversities only making the reading even more memorable

waiting for violence

I sit in this chair and wait for violence. It’s not unpleasant, no violence is here right now. But it’s in the air, a tragic miasma, a blend of colors, an edgy disruption in the air of coming violence. If I visualize the forms of violence to be perpetrated on myself, my heart starts to …

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