as in “MBSR”
only mine is

lunch out at Tusk & Cup
florentine egg white wrap
a pot of tea
a macaroon-like bar

and sketching
with the platinum pen
contrast being soothing
(black and white)

admitting that
wanting advice and getting it
are totally different experiences
and now I have to face “inquiry”

indulgence tea and tears
I need a meeting


spent most of the day scraping paint off window trim

Sam installed the stair railing – has it been off since January?

the north side of the house is clean

another failed attempt to order wallpaper

ran the heat gun, didn’t burn myself

swept up crunchy curls of scraped-off paint

made eggplant parmesan for dinner

bought groceries


what I know

tea with tracy


bridal shower – as partner of father
of the bride-to-be (not step-mom by any stretch)
a bit awkward but it was fun

sat with “high school friends” managing
to chit-chat after a few mimosas
(when they looked up from their phones)

pretty space, pretty bride (odd menu
I had pasta fazool, cream of earl gray tea,
mimosas, two kinds of cake)

tea with tracy

people gotta do what people gotta do

motivating mantra

counteracting feeling of immobilization because of fear of taking action… why am I so impatient? why can’t I wait? why can’t we do this all ourselves?

made arrangements for power washing guy to come tomorrow, and a mason to come over on Monday for an estimate and a realtor to come over on Monday

need advice and help

pink dogwoods


trying to figure out if I’ll miss Stamford
or rather what I’ll miss about it
so I can appreciate it while I’m still here

sort of futile, yes, but prompted me to
notice the pink dogwoods, their color is
vibrant deep pink and their blossoms

float layered above their branches
noticing every home that has one
although mine is white

atrium days

when I first started working at this company
I was just temporary
and I had the luxury of being distant
sitting in this atrium at lunchtime
reading poetry
John Ashbery
The Instruction Manual
aided by an explication
by a critic whose name and book I can’t remember
soaring appreciation, lost now
I was dreaming of Guadalajara
as I am still


giant asparagus

We left Friday and returned Monday. Went to work on Tuesday, and Tuesday evening came home to cook broccoli and tofu over rice. I remembered the asparagus, just starting to produce. Maybe a few spears could be added to tonight’s dish. I climbed the hill, checked out the bed, and gasped. Many knee-high stalks! how could they grow so fast.