I’m following Jude Hill’s “small journeys” on her Spirit Cloth blog.

I am getting inspiration from her deliberate approach, from her quietness, from her language.

I haven’t stitched anything in a long time, although I used to, a lot. I’m all over the place. I already feel a focusing influence from following small journeys.

waiting for violence

I sit in this chair and wait for violence. It’s not unpleasant, no violence is here right now. But it’s in the air, a tragic miasma, a blend of colors, an edgy disruption in the air of coming violence. If I visualize the forms of violence to be perpetrated on myself, my heart starts to pound. If I turn my thoughts to something else, I feel more relaxed but never unalert. If I align myself with all victims of violence, past, present and future, the hard lines get fuzzier and the waiting easier.

journal entry


The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing

One of my windscript pieces is up at The New Post-literate. I really like how the piece developed pale pink and brown streaks in the background, while some really dark streaks developed underneath.

Below is another windscript. This one has more of the character of an imaginary landscape.


These are enjoyable to create in Adobe Elements using the Wind filter (among other things).