self soothing

Sunday in Connecticut alone
a day of relaxation
drawing practice with brush pen
decaf latte, salad bar, and scone at Whole Foods
bought a cookbook “Whole Bowls
and two notebooks
didn’t buy the yoga blocks on sale
wrote emails
made a home-cooked meal
carrot risotto with lemon and feta
glass of Frey natural white
Tricycle film “States of Grace

professional photography

it’s recommended
but are they crazy?
comparing photographs on zillow
we could do at least as well

we’re not ready
but last opportunity for Sam to photograph
before he leaves and
dogwood’s fall color already past its peak

moving rearranging portable lighting
room to room to room
trying my best with decorating
this is known as “staging”

edits by Jeff

train station dramas

1) train is late, scramble when it pulls in, get Natalie boarded and ourselves unboarded, forget I’m holding her cloth bag, hand off to conductor speeding by, “Give this to that lady!”

2) exiting garage, can’t find ticket, amiable agent says $50 lost ticket fee, yikes, retrace steps, no ticket, look in bag again, find secret pocket with ticket, agent blames the devil

old boss, new boss

off to work in Montvale for a change
advantages of meeting face-to-face
unrealized because so many people are out
new boss not in her cubicle when
I stop by numerous times

off to Building 4, at least I can work
with Neha and Chris for several happy hours
on leaving for home, surprise joyful
hallway catch-up meeting with old boss Jill!

one day, two rescues

9:30 am, Sam phones from the roofing company
trying to purchase shingles with no money
left his wallet at home
I drive down there,
taking scheduled phone call from the car

4 pm, Sam phones from the roof
stuck, ladder slipped down
I can’t climb to rescue him, fear of heights
have to climb out the tiny bathroom window
and back in

natalie’s visit

trying to get Natalie’s email set up
(wrong password)
roofing going on, debris is flying
verifying data transformation for Canada
all at the same time
while making lots of cups of tea
omelette breakfast (tomato and feta)
grocery store for lunch
(packaged tortellini, basil pesto, and
stretching possibilities
and weather’s weirdly warm
failed to get Sam’s organic juice


norwegian air flight, terminal 1, 8 pm
parked in the garage across the street
stood in the exit corral waiting for our parties
first Natalie arriving in a wheelchair with assistance
then Lu and Jack arriving with lots of luggage
all packed into the Prius
Lu and Jack dropped at their Day’s Inn
sped back to Connecticut
remembering the way like poetry