long snowshoe

headed out about 3:30
into the woods, loop to the left
down and around, branched
to the left where I’d always dead-ended
in a marshy area

to my surprise, snowshoe tracks headed on
uphill in a windy twist
followed that trail a long time
came on signs for “Outer Loop”
and various boundaries
and directional signs

never really sure where I was
but started to realize I wasn’t
going to get back to where I started
on the “Outer Loop”

so had to backtrack
since it was nearing 5 pm

great experience
lots of photos and
heavy breathing

walk to shaw’s

feeling overworked at lunchtime
need refreshment in my day
and some movement, change from sitting at my desk
decide to walk to Shaw’s grocery store
and get some lunch
steep uphill from the office
and I’m wearing my new Muck boots, knee high,
not that flexible
but it’s great to be outdoors in the air
and slush
got some calm chowder, package of raspberries
and some trail mix
carried back down the hill to office

.8 mile, 20 minutes

in a blizzard, snowshoeing

snowshoeing again
this time in a blizzard
with Sam
made a loop around the preserve
following an earlier trail
now obscured with snow
a workout for the muscle
whatever it is
that lifts my leg
out of the drift
so I can take that next step
struggled all the way around
usually a quick hike
a lot longer in a foot of snow!

around the preserve, snowshoes

second time on snowshoes
more ambitious trek
the loop around Crabtree Neck Preserve
breaking trail and with
a side loop around a patch of woods
before the field
very enjoyable lovely quiet
solitude and snow


quick trial on my new tubbs
through the yard
along the garden fence
into the woods
taking the meandering path
through the forest
to the trail back there
stopping to admire
snow sculptures on the trees
and back home

loving snowshoeing
no poles!

east side

Soothing to repeat a route
although first I looped around the Crabtree Neck Preserve
something I haven’t done before
it’s about a half mile

then through the beautiful fields
to the community garden
all bedded down for winter

following the road then
one dog accosted me, I crossed the road
walked down Carter’s lane
past the Down East bus parked there

lingered at the derelict house
thrilling to the lonely haunted quality
reverberating strongly
resisted looking in the broken windows
maybe next time

walked through the field lightly crusted with snow
into the short span of woods between the Carter house
and Salt Pond Road

a short detour down to the beach
saw another human with dog in the distance
so I turned back

walked along the road to Jellison’s Cove
listening to J Brown’s podcast
to pass the time

happily home
4 miles
1:38 hours

deb’s woods

Walked in Deb’s woods, maybe 3 miles
Cool and windy
Patches of ice and snow, challenging our footing
Slipped once, went down, legs in all directions
Grateful for my yoga practice
Fast walking, little time to gaze around
Hunting cabin
Water ponding across the trail
Gravel pits