starts with cleaning soap dish
in the shower

loading the sofa bed mattress
into the car for disposal

breakfast at Rosie, New Canaan
as expensive as New York

cleaning the basement ugh
another carload to the dump

sweeping once although the
floor is oozing dust

goodbye to Dorothy
hello to the new couple

sign the papers
deposit the checks


traveling south together for a change

Sam and I in the Prius
leaving from Hancock
food to go from Flexit
driving south into the haze
stopping in Portsmouth
for lunch at Colby’s
very crowded, waiting for a table
end up sitting by the fireplace
back on the road, lots of traffic
pull in to Savor about 6 pm
enjoy our “final” Santa Fe
and tales of Kosovo

friday the 13th

making a plan
a complicated integrated plan
starting Monday with travel to Connecticut
ending Sunday with travel back to Maine
in between
close on house Tuesday
work in Fairfield area Wednesday
work in NYC Thursday
free day in NYC Friday
travel to DC for march on Saturday
by bus leaving from Flatiron
Women’s march – crocheting hats
returning that same day

getting back on track

printing, signing, scanning, sending:

the hold harmless agreement
the credit card receipt from the electrician
the paid invoice from the electrician
the payoff authorization to the bank
the amendment to the contract for the service wire credit

this exchange of paperwork
seems so strange and random

meanwhile working on testing and amending
the rotation system
precise, succinct, but still trouble

just pure sensation

puzzling through the conundrum
of desire, appreciation, aversion, habit

at Vajravidya, discussion surprisingly

talking about cold, winter weather
ice and snow and our reactions

coming out of the water (pool, shower)
a blast of cold

can you experience it
as pure sensation?

and this just the simplest beginning
observe the subtle sensations of all

your many moods
and weathers

back to maine

a little hampered by the cold –
6 degrees at first light
but a full load went in
totes with cleaning supplies, glassware, pots and pans
everything’s out of the kitchen cupboards
and refrigerator
trashcans (2)
lamps (3)
small tables (3)
pillows (lots)
lot of shoes
a bag of compost
destined for Maine soil
feeling groggy and
just have to drive
and stay awake

traveler’s walking

doesn’t feel like a walk
but the miles added up
4 miles total
in bits and pieces
walking around North Shore
in the heat
then traveling to the airport
hanging out there restless
waiting for flight cancellations
due to snow up north
then heading for the bus
then bus stop to hotel
then out to dinner
lots of activity no rest