out, in

first the windows on the second floor
every crevice in the frame
enjoy looking out through the pleasure of clean glass

then the cupboards in the kitchen
some with a layer of crumbs (vacuuming)
some with a layer of dust (wiping with sponge)
some with a layer of grime (water vinegar mixture with baking soda)
enjoy looking into clean spaces

shower, shindig

while Britain is voting on the EU referendum
we are having parties at work

baby shower for twins due in August
big cake, lots of gifts

summer celebration in the afternoon
tug of war and other games

sketch artists, live band
lots of food, lots of people

restlessly moving
wish I had a hula hoop

urge to dance alone

pods away

tremendous milestone today
they have taken the pods away

now that our stuff is gone
we’ll have to carry on

this minimal way of life
is causing a bit of strife

it seems I showed a lack of care
when I packed up all the stemware

and there’s a general sense of gloom
cause I packed all the wooden spoons

pod two done (maybe)

recommended procedures:

assemble everything that’s supposed to go
even questionable items may be used to fill a spot

boxes help build towers
pack miscellaneous items into boxes
resist temptation to stuff them into crannies

vertical elements are crucial
tall narrow things like tanks,
ladders, and saw stands

tiedowns can be handy
“Load no more than 2,000 lbs into each U-Box container.”

U-Box® Frequently asked questions

emptying house

the almost empty house
feels frightening
and spacious

box in every
room for

cleaning supplies
minimal clothes housewares

nervous about my
cleaning abilities
and stamina

want to disobey
the rules
of staging

the grill and

bicycles in basement
will be transported
on the bike rack

want to count down
but no date yet
on either end

pod one done

pod one is packed not by me
I packed half of it
maybe twice or three or four times
just rearranging keeping things out of the rain
in staging mode

now packed by A, R, S, final puzzle
solved, last minute substitution of
a large white plastic cylinder for
the sideways filing cabinet
perfect for tools

two boards for holding


got real

helping Sam clear shelving in the basement

he said “this move is getting real”

beg pardon, it’s been real for me for months

but I’m glad it’s getting real for both of us

it’s not real, but fantasy is helpful

imagining the air, the water,

especially the night skies

imagining unpacking

resuming all my daily practices:

walking, yoga, meditation, painting