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kent falls

There are a few places in Connecticut for which I feel real fondness. Kent Falls is one of them.

yoga retreat

I spent the weekend at Kripalu. Driving on Friday, snowstorm on Saturday, leaving on Sunday. The setting is breathtaking, a beautiful bowl in the Berkshires opening up in front of you.

route 7 to kripalu

This was a beautiful drive. I could have stopped so much more often to take photos. But there was a sort of pushing to get where I was going. Someday I will take a...


Three days in the Everglades – amazing, challenging, heartbreaking. We were outdoors a lot more than usual. The two most intense physical experiences were hiking through clouds of mosquitoes and kayaking in pouring rain....

miami florida

A business trip to Miami

travel – montana

Struggling with Google maps to outline our trip. It’s not complete, but it’s as close as I could get it. The map had the road to Many Glaciers, but not the road to Garnet...

sunday in maine

stream crossed walking on bike trail outside Card’s Crossing, Franklin birches in the Maine woods blueberry barrens in fall color clam or worm diggers’ tracks on the mud flats, Taunton Bay moonrise, sunset on...