two rabbits

one real brown one
seemed real
but exceptionally large
about one foot tall
posing on a lawn next
to a driveway in my

one gigantic blowup one
multicolored heaving
pastel gassy looming
overlooking traffic
from the hillside
just another awful
holiday balloon

nahuatl whispers

a Mexican female artist, other than Frida Kahlo, with the story of Carmen Mon[d]ragón. Raised to be a pillar of the Porfirian establishment, she reinvents herself as Nahui Olin, a shockingly bohemian artist and part of the pro-indigenous circle surrounding her lover, the great painter Geraldo Murillo, known as Dr. Atl.

JEFFREY PILCHER (ed.): The Human Tradition in Mexico

Nahui – Four
Olin – Movements

5. Fifth and last age Naui Ollin (Four Movement). Presided over by Tonatiuh. Cortes found these people, the Aztec, living on Corn and fully believing they were eventually to be devoured by Tzitzimime, or celestial monsters. The world would then be destroyed by great earthquakes nevermore to be resurrected. The end will swallow all things and the stars would tumble down from the night sky. This end is said to occur when the earth becomes tired. The first people created in this final world were thought to be the Toltecs and their wars were seen as a service to the gods(*17 ). The fifth and final sun was to be stolen by Tezcatlipoca and all will go dark, forever(*18 ).

The Five Ages of the Earth (or Suns)

from bolna to here, Kabir, Index of Mystic Songs in English

1. Where do you search me?
2. Penalty of embodiment
3. With mind immersed in Love
4. What is seen is not the truth
5. What should I ask
6. Oh Unattached Being, I am a Yogi..
7. Oh Companion that abode is…
8. Who Is The Thug Who …
9. This is the Village of the Dead
10. The Swan Will Fly Away All Alone
11. Sky is Overcast and Darkening
12. Untainted Ram is Unmatched
13. Concealed Beyond the Sky
14. Oh Deer Graze With Knowledge…
15. Neither am I Righteous nor non….
16. Fearlessly I Will Sing …
17. …Illusory Power to be a Great Thug
18. What to say of talks

What to say of appearance of swans, rams, deer, and especially, thugs.