a p o c a l y p s o

(from Poems for Last October)

A p o c a l y p s e
the sparrows


want it to be centered, but I don’t have enough time to mess with web post formatting right now.


successfully posted every day in October


feeling apocalyptic due to streetlights being out and


weird Halloween costumes in the neighborhood – a tall chubby boy in a pink shirt and pink pants with pink bunny ears


no lights on the Tappan Zee bridge


I was lost in New Jersey facing a maze of downed trees

minimal disturbance

Revision of yesterday’s paint background.

Leaf layer, color dodge.

A small hue/saturation adjustment.

Time spent waiting for Sandy.

Why can’t I make my own ceramic tile?

peach arugula

Title: from a chalkboard sign advertising produce at the Double L Market, Westport. The juxtaposition seemed funny to me.

Color: I seem to have a drive to mix orange and green. It is rarely successful. I like this well enough, but it doesn’t seem complete.

Enhancement: Adjustment layers for Levels, Photo Filter (warming) and a bit more brightness.

Media: Liquid acrylic mixed like a mad scientist in little spray bottles with water. There is some gold in the orange. The green is a mixture of blue and yellow.

hard flame

(from Poems for Last October)

hard flame of the future
   eventual wine

narrative – ungraspable
   as clouds

rain on my skin
   transforms to

white eyes wet and
   dead as fish

silvery shine
   abetting poison

the sane

the softest