pettengill preserve

short hike on the blue trail
then the yellow loop
lots of water
a few board bridges showing up
under the snow and ice
a lot more work walking when
you have to crunch through snow
uneven surfaces
and guard against submerging your boot
in soppy snowy water

yellow loop was very soggy initially
then led to higher, dryer ground
very quiet, open, and uplifting

headed back to the car
westward into sunset

through to point road

3.6 miles
1 1/2 hours

breakthrough – hiked from back yard
wood’s entrance
through to Point Road
feeling accomplished
although completely disoriented
in space – all the turns I take
feel like I should end up in a
totally different place

but happy to exit in the yard of
the Ball farmhouse with picket fence
(it’s for sale)

although the walk was kind of long
and I had to snowshoe in the preserve
then carry showshoes as I walked along the roads to home
it felt great to complete a westerly loop

I wanted to take a side road to the coast
but Sanders Lane wasn’t plowed
enough’s enough

regular loop

one hour
almost 3 miles (6700 steps)

Cross Road to Ferry to Grant
back to Eastside to Cross

blue sky and brilliant white
snow covering Schoodic

loitered at the deserted marina

if I were a child I’d be tempted
to climb

but at my age
just looking

on the back loop
observing the birds

and the grove
what tree this

long snowshoe

headed out about 3:30
into the woods, loop to the left
down and around, branched
to the left where I’d always dead-ended
in a marshy area

to my surprise, snowshoe tracks headed on
uphill in a windy twist
followed that trail a long time
came on signs for “Outer Loop”
and various boundaries
and directional signs

never really sure where I was
but started to realize I wasn’t
going to get back to where I started
on the “Outer Loop”

so had to backtrack
since it was nearing 5 pm

great experience
lots of photos and
heavy breathing

walk to shaw’s

feeling overworked at lunchtime
need refreshment in my day
and some movement, change from sitting at my desk
decide to walk to Shaw’s grocery store
and get some lunch
steep uphill from the office
and I’m wearing my new Muck boots, knee high,
not that flexible
but it’s great to be outdoors in the air
and slush
got some calm chowder, package of raspberries
and some trail mix
carried back down the hill to office

.8 mile, 20 minutes

in a blizzard, snowshoeing

snowshoeing again
this time in a blizzard
with Sam
made a loop around the preserve
following an earlier trail
now obscured with snow
a workout for the muscle
whatever it is
that lifts my leg
out of the drift
so I can take that next step
struggled all the way around
usually a quick hike
a lot longer in a foot of snow!

around the preserve

second time on snowshoes
more ambitious trek
the loop around Crabtree Neck Preserve
breaking trail and with
a side loop around a patch of woods
before the field
very enjoyable lovely quiet
solitude and snow