reservoir road (again)

walked delighted in light rain
with Suzanne

almost 5 miles along the

conversation keeping pace with

steps and talk reweaving our

a borrowed umbrella with one
broken rib

rain on pants legs and some

afterwards she made strong
ginger tea

salt pond loop

walked with Deb
3.3 miles

cool and sunny
bouncing along on lumpy snow

visited Charlotte and Leslie’s
no one home – left footprints

checked out their greenhouse
tatsoi? or m√Ęche? under cover

schoodic point

looking for woodcock
never found them

almost 2 miles
some snow and ice

Dave was wearing sandals
so we turned around

settling for Roberta’s imitations
of the woodcock’s neep neep

old pond rail trail in snow

4.6 miles
snow falling

walking the trail
with Dave, Pattie and Sam

kept wondering if we should turn around
kept going to the fire road (driveway)

we split up – I wanted to follow the driveway
to the road

came out on Old Route 1
and then to New Route 1

ferocious traffic throwing water at me
stopped to enjoy the Carrying Place a while

wrong turn

walked through the woods, no snowshoes
down the hill, past the garden, down the road
first time encountering other walkers in Hancock
they were faster, soon ahead of me
turn down Carter’s lane, past the abandoned house
through the field, through the woods
somehow got pointed in the wrong direction
following deer trails through the woods
view of water in the distance – what water?
I was expecting a road but saw Salt Pond
ice festooned with loops of icy snow
view of Acadia’s mountains in the distance
cold wind whipping water into greenish navy
walked along the beach, through yards,
down private roads and driveways
need another word for trespassing in winter
happily back home 3.5 miles 1-1/2 hours

around the block in Portsmouth

travel to a baby’s birthday party in Methuen
lots of driving – 250 miles each way
pressure to get it over with but needed some movement badly
so I walked around the block in Portsmouth, so familiar
sidewalks were variously clear, covered with ice,
blocked with barriers warning falling ice,
in process of removal of chunks of snow and ice

not far, but adventurous and refreshing