blueberry fields and bog

short walk with Deb, 40 minutes into the blueberry field and back

not done yet, I took a longer walk into Schoodic Bog, 2 miles there
and back

wonderful weather, the purest air blowing over the water and sounding
against the mountain as it flowed

pussy willow – mourning cloak butterflies, two Canadian geese nesting

beaver lodges looking taller than ever

footing uneasy with unexpected deep mud, snow ice layer untrustworthy

flowing stream with cunning little bridge, and a fancy nest ornamented with flowing moss

total 6.5 miles
two and a half hours

planted peas

Exuberance over a warm day in Hancock, Maine (Zone 5b).

Feeling safe from a hard frost, I planted peas along the wall of the chicken coop. They can climb the fence there.