lunchtime walk down Water Street
to Serendib and back

apple trees in bloom
and full of bees

hot or rather humid
upon return I had to

remove layers until
my temperature returned to normal

1.3 miles

my garden, my beach

again to the community garden
making a habit of this!
with a side trip to the beach
at Jellison’s cove

grayness, refreshing breeze
2.3 miles
taking it slow

community garden

work day at the community garden
lots of aimless walking
observing other people’s plots
moving plants from one plot to another
clearing a path then
covering it with chips
Akemi’s wheelbarrow
finally a walk home
through the woods

2.7 miles all told

bird watching walk

walking with a group
on Old Pond Trail
Saturday morning
listening to bird calls
trying to spot the bird
the leader attempted to
call out
with recorded bird calls from his phone
hard to see, a workout for the neck
windy over the railroad bridge
white-throated sparrow
“O Sam Peabody Peabody Peabody” or
“Dear Sweet Canada Canada Canada”
and winter wren
have forgotten most of the rest
warblers, parula, thrushes

3.2 miles