old pond trail

walking and listening to J. Brown’s yoga podcast
observing trees and flowers
water flowing under the railroad trestle
fast walking to the intersection

took a moment to look up
a large porcupine climbed upward
in a tree along the driveway

4 miles
about 1-1/2 hours

friday, corea, gouldsboro

adventure in Corea
Chapter II was closed
so I sat in their parking lot
and painted, the pale colors of their iris

visited the wharf for lunch
too many picturesque scenes
to choose from

headed back through Goldsboro
where I came to the bike trail head
why not walk the bike trail?
so I did, met not another soul

returned to walk a short trail on the Heath
observed the outrageous maroon bells of
pitcher plant

met a woman painting on the observation deck
her painting was of the distant hills in fog
rather mushy, she said

also stopped at Darthia farm
bought a vase
Shepsey threw in a bouquet of sweet peas

almost 4 miles
one and a half hours
chilly, foggy

old pond trail

monday afternoon
take myself out after working on a visio diagram all morning
high energy for walking on the old pond trail
soon dissipated as I got too warm
realized mosquitoes bit as soon as I slowed down
so I couldn’t rest, not really, had to keep the pace
wanted to get to the far shore
but didn’t make it
some other day

saw many flowers and flowering shrubs
another goal – identify them

4.8 miles
1:43 hours

crabtree loop

put on my boots to ward off ticks
walked after rain in crabtree neck preserve
memories of snow, all gone now
into general wetness
dripping sopping
lots of emerald moss and white wildflower blooms
split log bridges – fun to cross
met other people, first time in these woods
she said a sweet hello
and he was silent

one mile, 31 minutes