Monthly Archive: July 2017

Portsmouth traveling home

On the way home from a sojourn in Connecticut taking a break in Portsmouth as usual to rest and stretch my legs 1.2 miles

Cranbury Park, yellow trail

From my airbnb at 1 Tulip Tree Lane I can access Cranbury Park from the backside had to try it twice once with the “House Manual” located the trail head left of the stone...

walking the halls

walking indoors all day from place to place Front desk to Mom’s room Mom’s room to the cafeteria cafeteria back to Mom’s room it can add up 1.2 miles Ridgefield Crossing

strolling in Portsmouth

walking from my parking spot to Book and Bar then Flatbread then Breaking New Grounds and back a nice break in the trip to CT 1.1 miles

typical thursday

walk to Serendib on Water Street butternut squash in coconut sauce with rice and hot chai 26 minutes 1.2 miles

typical tuesday

walk to Maine Grind it’s becoming a tradition 1.4 miles 17 minutes

Deb’s lobster party

morning walk to Community Garden afternoon in one place but restless! cumulative walking 1.8 miles