Monthly Archive: July 2017

ellsworth strolling

Strolling Ellsworth shopping and doing errands with Sam who usually wants to drive from place to place if only a few blocks warm wonderful sunny Saturday 1.3 miles

lunch walk

to Serendib along Water Street one way and back on Franklin Street a woman stops me asking for directions to an Antique Store I’m confident ’cause I just passed it on foot half hour...

tuesday tradition

frequently on Tuesdays lunch time walk clear my head and reconnect locate myself in time and space check out what’s flowering Flex-It 30 minutes just over a mile

checking for mushrooms

quick walk on the trail to Fiery Mountain didn’t hike all the way buggy, threatening rain looked for chicken of the woods black trumpets didn’t see any passed some people and some dogs 1.3...


Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island Nibezun, Passadumkeag, Maine pavilion seating under boughs open aisles to the four directions talks jokes ceremonies prayers drums speak water sharing women from Wisconsin walk from the pavilion...