Point-Eastside Loop

seems too far to walk
phone records 3.5 miles
but it was longer

twisting turning trails
inside Crabtree Neck Preserve
totally lost my sense of direction

I’ve been here before
but last time I thought it
was northwest, this time, southeast

clearly coming out on Point Road
at the same place, marked by a boat
and a spruce tree, house with picket fence

head home via Eastside road
a long walk with animal
companions –

snake lies across the trail
in a patch of sun, yet still too
sluggish with cold to be alarmed by me

horses at the horse farm
looking up as I pick the apples
on the nearby trees

rabbit lies motionless at the roadside,
water glinting in its eye
maybe its last moments? or already passed

collection of shiny blue black beetles
clustered on a weed leaf
cheering them on, go on eating, live!

3.5? miles