“cheer the market-useless”

Poets Without Products, Vanessa Place

So from large Lulu-square type things with staples in the middle to letterpressed thick cream covers to words tossed from mouth to ear to this kind of mouth-to-mouth invigoration, the non-product proves its non-product productivity. Or, more accurately, its utilitarian inutility. Not that it needs me. I’m just standing here to cheer the market-useless. It is nice to be enthusiastic. We feel much better about ourselves. Or at least you do, and, thereby, me too. And really, what is poetry for if not self-edification, and what is self-edification for if not the soothing of the itch of one’s solitary suffering, and what is solitary suffering for if not to provoke a gentle lapping lineated chorus of “there, there.”

There, then, there.

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