canopy cauldron culture

Listening to the triple canopy podcast today, a conversation between poet Aaron Kunin and artist Ken Okiishi, moderated by Katie Raissian.

(Hilariously to me, it means “shaking my head” – had to look it up in the twitterspeak dictionary.)

Not entirely happy with conceptual art and writing. Although I’m drawn to it and can’t seem to resist. It is so abstract and cerebral as to make me feel my head is going to fill will helium and fly off. And not remotely populist.

But I’m also not entirely happy with populist poetry, the (heh) “traditional epiphanic.”

I can’t not believe that current poetry is infected with the overall problems of current American culture, no matter how determinedly the poet tries to escape them. Can people see this?

My Conceptual Poem which is a critique of conceptual poems
(from Poems for Last October)

the cauldron culture brews
its best from
stew of brand names

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