Mianus River Park

Walked about 3 miles in warm, tender autumn air.
There are a lot of trails here, but it is an urban hike.
Constant hum of – traffic? leafblowers? both?
Mansions looming over the trail ominously.
Poor signage, and the map did not match the trail.
Afraid of getting lost close to sunset, I hugged the river and did not get too adventurous.

The trail dumped me out onto a road, an “unapproved entrance” not shown on the map. There is a very cunning old house there that has a name: “Villa Dalia.” How often are they disturbed by hikers coming out of the park?

On my return trip, I took a small side trail “Hill Trail” intersecting with “Laurel.” Then it was back to the River Road. The riverbank area is being restored, bosky and inaccessible. Few people. I want to come back here although I have trouble remembering how to get to Merriebrook, let alone Cognewaugh.






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