train Träume

Traum m (genitive Traums or Traumes, plural Träume)

1. dream

From Old High German troum, from Proto-Germanic *draumaz; akin to Low German Droom, Dutch droom, English dream, Danish drøm.

Two train dreams in succession last night.

1) our train came in to the station on a track like an airline runway, which ended abruptly over water. I was in the front car with a few indistinct family members. Unbelievably, the train car kept going over the edge and tilted down, nose in the water. I felt a bit of panic, but thought we could probably climb upwards holding onto the seats and get to the next car and safety.

2) possibly a continuation of the previous dream or maybe a new dream. I had to transfer from one train to another. I was with the same collection of indistinct family members. My belongings were all over the place and I realized I might miss the train. I struggled to collect my important items and started running. Various chaos, not having my purse or my sleeping bag – my partner had them, he was following me, but not moving quickly enough. I got my purse from him finally, on the run. I got to what looked like a platform outdoors, but didn’t see any train. I was yelling “Where’s the train? Where’s the train?” over and over. Someone waved me along and I ran down the plaza, around the corner, along a walkway, various people – train attendants? – waving me on. Meanwhile, my partner had stopped to pee and was way behind me. I hopped onto the train. I felt glad to be on it, and stood in the stairway, started using my iPhone. The train started to move, I was on it, but my partner had missed it.

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