From Walter Darby Bannard’s Aphorisms for Artists:

Art is in the materials. Don’t look for it somewhere else.

When rhetoric elevates the spiritual over the material, art slips away and hides. As Oscar Wilde said, “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

Good art makes the material and the spiritual the same thing.

Materiality is coming up. Both sides of it. That the material object is the whole thing. And that it is not the whole thing.

Sort of beside myself discovering Margaret and Christine Wertheim. Going to crochet me some hyperbolic structures. Embrace my subjectivity. And the domestic arts I was taught.

Turning point: when everything you thought was wrong is right. Everything you thought was bad is good. Everything you thought was Less Than is The Way.

Also reading: Rings of Saturn, with its catalogues of objects (some alive, some dead, some human, some not).

Feel so happy.

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