five boro

Five Boro Bike Tour

42 miles
30th Anniversary
32,000 people supposedly

What I learned from cycling in crowds:

Being in the right gear is the key to success for many maneuvers.
If your legs are complaining, shift down.
Find a rider a little stronger than you are and tail them.
You get more leeway for blocking the fast lane if you are pedalling.
You need foreground, midground, and farground awareness (ahead of you, not behind you).
If you fall into a rut, best thing to do is keep moving forward.
You can escape many emergencies by moving forward vigorously.
Don’t worry about your friends and family. Everybody will be okay.
The most exhilarating views are of the crowds rounding curves at a distance.
Competition can help make you stronger, but you won’t enjoy it as much.
A crowd of cyclists is much more fluid than a crowd of cars. Pedestrians, no need to be afraid. They will flow around you.

Dream of when it won’t be unusual to see streets crowded with cyclists.

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