west shore road

2.5 miles
cold and windy
walk with Sam

bundled up and drove to a parking spot
across the street from Crocker House
which was all closed up

walked down the hill
(called variously Post Office Road, Beach Ave, Beech Ave)
and then up West Shore Drive (or Road)
mostly wealthy homes, mostly deserted for the winter
peaks of coastline and across the water, Acadia’s mountains

trespassed through a couple of yards
to explore the rocky coastline, pushed up layers of sediment

one home had a bright red painted gate,
stairs drawn up for the season

I wanted to view the coastline intimately
with all its ins and outs
not possible, too much private property
but there was one path that could be construed as
Public Access
which I will remember
lead to a crescent shaped capacious rocky beach
with a beautiful view across the water

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