tuesday tradition

frequently on Tuesdays
lunch time walk

clear my head and

locate myself in
time and space

check out what’s flowering

30 minutes
just over a mile

checking for mushrooms

quick walk on the trail
to Fiery Mountain

didn’t hike all the way
buggy, threatening rain

looked for chicken of the woods
black trumpets

didn’t see any
passed some people

and some dogs

1.3 miles

Tidal Falls – bike / walk

Music Mondays
at Tidal Falls
packed a lot on my back

and cycled there
walking up the steepest hill
and down the steepest driveway

not used to it
got a ride home
in the Prius

Cycle 27 minutes
Blair’s birthday

CNLT walk – Woods Trail

Crabtree Neck Land Trust walk
Woods Trail
behind our house

it has new wooden signs
a different experience
with a large group

talking in the woods
a picnic at the garden

32 minutes
one mile

lunch time walk

lovely day
walked Water Street at lunchtime
to the library
and then to Serendib for takeout
dal, rice, and hot chai tea
then back to work

about 1.5 mile
about 1/2 hour