thursday lunch walk

I walked to Hannaford’s
from my office on Water Street
really needed a break
it took me awhile
left at 1pm, back at 1:45
and that included shopping
not the best lunch
but it was refreshing

2.1 miles

quick mile

down the driveway
to the corner
down Eastside Road
as far as the garden
through the garden
up the hill
walking in the meadow
entering the woods
through the woods
cut through to the yard
back to the house

about a mile

Lake Awosting

May Day celebration
a spring pilgrimage to
Lake Awosting with

mist and

chill winds but
also warm from moving

9 miles
more or less

salt pond loop – maple buds

Salt Pond Loop, a familiar route
this time no snow and Sam
for some variety

beautiful cool April sunny Sunday
a few people out
trees starting to bud out

maple buds are red, ornate
we examined them for pollen

3.4 miles

blueberry fields and bog

short walk with Deb, 40 minutes into the blueberry field and back

not done yet, I took a longer walk into Schoodic Bog, 2 miles there
and back

wonderful weather, the purest air blowing over the water and sounding
against the mountain as it flowed

pussy willow – mourning cloak butterflies, two Canadian geese nesting

beaver lodges looking taller than ever

footing uneasy with unexpected deep mud, snow ice layer untrustworthy

flowing stream with cunning little bridge, and a fancy nest ornamented with flowing moss

total 6.5 miles
two and a half hours

planted peas

Exuberance over a warm day in Hancock, Maine (Zone 5b).

Feeling safe from a hard frost, I planted peas along the wall of the chicken coop. They can climb the fence there.