poetry crawl

Not officially a walk
but qualifies, being as it’s called a crawl

Blue Hill Word Festival
four poets, four locations

Henry Finch, wine shop “Key Largo”
Mikhu Paul, book store “Catch”
Beatrix Gates, MAE, “The Poems of Vikram Babu”
Carl Little, Cynthia Winings Gallery, “The Ellsworth Suite”

with a finale at the
Congregational Church

Stuart Kestenbaum, maker and poet of the light within

melissa christine goodrum, mover and shaker,
with accompaniment by
John Gallagher and
Danny Fisher-Lochhead

Lunaform tour

a short walk touring Lunaform

a well-hidden forest studio
making hand turned cement bowls, urns, planters
of extraordinary size and presence

a desire to spend time there
sitting among the negative spaces
enclosed by those stone surfaces

listen –

Great Maine Apple Day

drove to Unity
with Sam and Jerry

first stop Heritage Orchard
walking the rough terraces
covered with weeds and chip paths

examining the apple labels –
who named these?

then to MOFGA fairgrounds.
A couple of lectures and an
apple tasting.

Learned a lot – especially
apple trees from seed are
just like human children.

cottages with Sam

walking to the community garden through the woods
and thence to Suzanne’s rental cottage

Friday the 13th
Sam’s examining the broken lock

returned home through the golden yellow
birch allée, so beautiful

the mowed paths through the meadows
and the forest trail

1.1 mile

salt pond loop

5.5 miles

Eastside Road to Carter’s Lane
to visit the abandoned house
with apple trees

down the hill and through
the woods, unmarked, deer paths,
coming out at Salt Pond Road

back along the beach
and up Jellison’s Cove Road
along the water to home, tired

jordan homestead property

Food, Foliage and Friends

a talk and walk
at the Jordan Homestead Property
on Bayside Road in Ellsworth

a nascent trail
woodsy, mossy, lumpy

up to a steep ridge
overlooking the Union River

good companionship,
wise effort,
generosity of the Jordan family