Old Pond Rail Trail

From start to finish!
it was warm but tolerable
met some wormers, spoke with them about their catch
observed worms in a bucket

Suzanne’s walking pole slithered into a ravine
debating whether we should abandon it there
my instinct was to lower my full body height
down, holding onto branches and roots
until I could just reach it

7.4 miles
my kind of hike!

Acadia reprise

Again with Suzanne
some major exploring in Acadia
capturing my imagination at

Cadillac Mountain
Wild Gardens
Sieur de Monts Spring
the little Abbe trailside museum
with stories of the lost settlement
of Saint Sauveur

and finally circumambulating The Tarn
which proved quite difficult, lots of rock clambering,
so we walked back on the road

6.2 miles

Common Ground Fair

extremely hot this year
walking around mostly looking for relief
either shade, a place to sit
or something to drink!
a little shopping (Johnnie’s)
but generally way too hectic

4.9 miles


went to visit the Nearing’s house
spent time touring the gardens
talking with the caretakers
and watched a short documentary
got some seeds and a geranium!

tried to visit Four Seasons Farm
but it was closed up tight
maybe next spring

no walking