time is very precious

so it’s ended
60 by 365
wish I had more photos
wish I had more drawings
but I did it
wrote every day in this
big year of transitions
like basting
holding down time’s
billowing fabric
or drawing
capturing gesture,
value, expression

someday I’ll read through it
revise, revisit, review
not one for nostalgia
that would be a wholly new experience

not in new jersey anymore

trying to get used to this
so much togetherness
I’m trying to work
used to getting
an introvert’s retreat
at lunchtime
went to The Grind
and saw Sam’s truck there
uh, no…kept driving
to Shinbashi
going to order sushi to go
Sam appears
so okay
we sit down for
miso soup, sushi,
and tension
not totally clear
on what’s happening

home in hancock!

happy – crashing – happy – crashing

struggling to reorient now that we are here

no house in Stamford any more

readjustments in the relationship

most shocking, Sam cuts off his ponytail

a lot of volatility can be blamed on overtiredness

and a surfeit of Facebook surfing (has to stop)

no food – food –

no rest – rest –

no warmth – fire in the wood stove


seems crazy but we just wanted to get home
so get in the car in NYC at 1:15 am
I start driving and make it to
Charlton Plaza, Mass Pike 4 am
we pull into Portland 7 am
for a freaking wonderful breakfast
at Bayside American Cafe
an early afterglow among people who had marched
and wanted to stay in that communal feeling


day after
day of action

long bus ride from NYC
many pussy hats on board

big crowds, high energy
but not so noisy

need more songs
more chants, more drums

logistics difficult
couldn’t meet up family

except for Nicole
by complete accident – a miracle!

saw a few Mainers
spotting their blaze orange

a good feeling, but fleeting
underlying ominous oppression

Photos here

it begins

the much vaunted peaceful transfer of power
does not feel peaceful, feels ultimately alarming

so used to consistency, routine, and privilege
becomes difficult to imagine how we’ll lose it

how to counteract a bully
a national dilemma from the schoolyard

watching some at Dave’s house
some at Doctor Rein’s in Greenwich

mouth open at the “carnage”
starts here, starts now

Brewport Bridgeport

UK call at 8:30 am
challenged to get set up
in Bridgeport, but it worked out
worked all day strenuously as a
sedentary job can be
end of day – Sam picked me up
we drove around lost but finally
accessed Brewport under the highway
a huge place, I’ve never heard of
pizza (Tree Hugger’s – not so good)
stout and blood-orange ale