B:Hive Bridgeport

uneasy before a new experience
co-working space in Bridgeport, right downtown

it’s great!
all I need is Internet, phone, electricity, and desk
as bonuses, I get creative ambience, big windows looking out
on the street, companionship of co-working strangers,
mini-kitchen with snacks and tea,
places to eat nearby

my many questionable memories of Bridgeport
now counterbalanced with this hopeful aspect


starts with cleaning soap dish
in the shower

loading the sofa bed mattress
into the car for disposal

breakfast at Rosie, New Canaan
as expensive as New York

cleaning the basement ugh
another carload to the dump

sweeping once although the
floor is oozing dust

goodbye to Dorothy
hello to the new couple

sign the papers
deposit the checks


traveling south together for a change

Sam and I in the Prius
leaving from Hancock
food to go from Flexit
driving south into the haze
stopping in Portsmouth
for lunch at Colby’s
very crowded, waiting for a table
end up sitting by the fireplace
back on the road, lots of traffic
pull in to Savor about 6 pm
enjoy our “final” Santa Fe
and tales of Kosovo

day of rest

Brief hiatus before the busy week to come
Dinner at Jeff’s with Ed and Pete
I’m finishing crocheting a pussy hat
packing for a multi-state sojourn,
with many diverse activities

Monday: Drive to Stamford
Tuesday: Closing on the house
Wednesday and Thursday: Work days, Connecticut, Stay at Dave’s
Friday: New York City, stay at Nicole’s
Saturday: Women’s march on Washington

Fiery Mountain hike

Hike with Sam, Deb, Patrick
Summitted Fiery (easy) then got good and lost
in a small section of woods
on the flanks of Schoodic
Looking for Horseshoe Pond
(Little Pond on the topographic map)
but never found it.

Need to equip myself for hiking with
cell phone supplemental battery,
matches/lighter, head lamp, grippers
for ice and maybe a space blanket!

friday the 13th

making a plan
a complicated integrated plan
starting Monday with travel to Connecticut
ending Sunday with travel back to Maine
in between
close on house Tuesday
work in Fairfield area Wednesday
work in NYC Thursday
free day in NYC Friday
travel to DC for march on Saturday
by bus leaving from Flatiron
Women’s march – crocheting hats
returning that same day


Defending the system from critics on the team
I have a different point of view
I have a sensitivity to the work of the developers
Some quirks don’t bother me at all
I don’t like screen text “please”
Major disagreements about labels
I want it to be powerful, not easy necessarily
You don’t understand it; that doesn’t mean its wrong