getting back on track

printing, signing, scanning, sending:

the hold harmless agreement
the credit card receipt from the electrician
the paid invoice from the electrician
the payoff authorization to the bank
the amendment to the contract for the service wire credit

this exchange of paperwork
seems so strange and random

meanwhile working on testing and amending
the rotation system
precise, succinct, but still trouble

just pure sensation

puzzling through the conundrum
of desire, appreciation, aversion, habit

at Vajravidya, discussion surprisingly

talking about cold, winter weather
ice and snow and our reactions

coming out of the water (pool, shower)
a blast of cold

can you experience it
as pure sensation?

and this just the simplest beginning
observe the subtle sensations of all

your many moods
and weathers

back to maine

a little hampered by the cold –
6 degrees at first light
but a full load went in
totes with cleaning supplies, glassware, pots and pans
everything’s out of the kitchen cupboards
and refrigerator
trashcans (2)
lamps (3)
small tables (3)
pillows (lots)
lot of shoes
a bag of compost
destined for Maine soil
feeling groggy and
just have to drive
and stay awake

miami day 2

snow cancellation yesterday
repeat exercise to travel to CT
check out of Baltic Hotel
catch 119 bus across the street
at Indian Creek, wait a long time for 150 bus
at airport, Gate D2, flight to Philly
change in Philly
have to run between gates
rough flight to LaGuardia
but a smooth limo home
dinner Quattro Pizzi
my vow not to complain

miami day

hard to enjoy myself in Miami
not feeling entirely well
wandering in the heat and sand
can’t pull it together to paint
finally taxi to the airport
waiting discouraged, discontent
then my flight was canceled
snow in New York area
bus back to the Baltic
mindlessly diverting
dinner at Mexican restaurant
Guava Jalapeno margarita
and chile relleno artistry
quite cheering

conference day 2

long practice at paying attention
no matter what
I take notes
and enjoy breakfast and lunch
on the terrace overlooking
the waters of the Atlantic
loud bird calling in the greenery
my presentation is squeezed to the last hour
no luxury of time in this luxury hotel
afterwards, I move north
to the Baltic
more my homey style
Cristina’s hospitality

conference day 1

leave at 3:30 am
words with Sam
i just should never say anything
stays with me awhile, journaling
then get absorbed with the logistics
airport, take off, landing in Miami
taxi to South Beach hotel
sign in to my room
find conference rooms and
slip in the back about 9:30
presentations in progress
Cayman partner discussing IBS
greeting colleagues from islands group