I got carried away with magenta. The whole painting is disturbingly bright. But crops of it are very pleasant. As a child, I was fascinated with magenta, the word and the color. It seemed rare and unusual, so I still feel surprised that it has a prominent place in the CMYK model. I looked up the name – it was named in celebration of the Battle of Magenta, to celebrate a victory of the French and Sardinian army on June 4, 1859, near the Italian town of that name.

Magenta 1

Magenta 1

Magenta 3

Magenta 2

Magenta 2

Magenta 3

Magenta 1

Magenta 4

narrative collage

Final project for Jane’s Text and Image class. Sensation of only beginning to be familiar with mixing text and image.

I enjoyed working with these goofy and serious pictures from old magazine advertising.

The narrative is not only in the words. There are layers of narrative.
The facial expressions
The colors
The types of people: gender, age, race
Where they are looking
Gestures and activities
The red lines


Words of wisdom from Jane Davies:

In the text-image realm, the concept can be as important (or more so in some cases) as the visual. AND, for the purposes of learning, for this class anyway, I think it’s more important to tackle the assignment, do the problem-solving, than to make something beautiful. You will continue [to] develop your own vocabulary of beauty.

cutting corners

I didn’t like the colors, so I made this black and white.

Then cut corners, and added filters as a disguise.

In the first one, the corners are very distinct. In the second one, everything is layered and rotated over and over, so the stripes appear more blended.



And another one in color.


leaves leaving

Adding a layer of leaf photo on top of a digital composition of corners on top of a scan of a paper/paint collage.

I like working this way. There is a lot of trial and error, but it is so quick on the computer.

Layers, leaf photo on top of corners

Layers, leaf photo on top of corners