cutting corners

I didn’t like the colors, so I made this black and white.

Then cut corners, and added filters as a disguise.

In the first one, the corners are very distinct. In the second one, everything is layered and rotated over and over, so the stripes appear more blended.



And another one in color.


leaves leaving

Adding a layer of leaf photo on top of a digital composition of corners on top of a scan of a paper/paint collage.

I like working this way. There is a lot of trial and error, but it is so quick on the computer.

Layers, leaf photo on top of corners

Layers, leaf photo on top of corners

november invites

November invites –
a line from a poem I wrote long ago.

Contemplating walking –
I’m eager to post about my walks. It feels like an attempt to walk into a difference.

Jude Hill’s Spirit Cloth
Very inspiring. The pace and the determined focus. Minimal words and lots of pictures.

Walking and tinkering
with the appearance of this website. I am looking for something so particular. I had to edit font sizes on this one. And the title has not arrived yet.

Corners, sumi-e

Corners, sumi-e