first ride 2014

April 13, about 4 pm
a little over 10 miles
a little under 10 miles per hour

Cove Island Park
warm sun, cool breeze
returning past the cemetery
on Camp Ave

feeling unused to riding
but enjoyed the leaning
into curves

epic ride

Brooklyn Waterfront Epic Ride

Not sure why it is called epic
the route being in the shape of an “e”?

40 miles, more or less
9.5 miles an hour
sunny and warm, humid
sunburn and screaming thighs
return by A train from Far Rockaway

Brooklyn Bridge

lower Manhattan skyline

suitable for camels in places


annual ride to Cove Island Park today
10 miles (3 times around the loop)
9.6 mph (leisurely pace around the loop)
sunshine and warmth
pelted by memories all the way

families in the park
almost somnolent on a late June afternoon
only one child shrieking, a problem with the tram

gangly boy makes an elaborate show of falling off his scooter
later same boy makes an elaborate show of losing his sneaker while scooting

Chinese infant, pink pants white long sleeve t-shirt
dark goggles, mottled skin – some condition?

tiny child, tiny bike, fluorescent colors
pedals ahead of me like an exotic insect

tour de bronx

44 miles
Courthouse on Grand Concourse to New York Botanical Garden
started out cloudy, sunshine after 1pm
route very hilly after the second rest stop

cycling as yoga
try to stay in the right gear
relax the muscles that aren’t working to conserve energy
breathe through strenuous hill climbing and observe the mental activity
rest on the downhills
execute micro-shifts in position to preserve flexibility
strive for grace in transitions
notice the capacity for micro-rests
draw strength from the cycling sangha
watch rounding of the back; play with moving the chest forward
you are moving your body and having fun

cycling and bee metaphor
communications zing down the line
verbal or visual
calls of “gravel,” “hole,” “left,” “car back”
cyclists split and flow toward extreme right or left to avoid going over speedbumps
this altruistic matter-of-fact cooperation, although not quite a bee dance, gratifies

bloomin’ metric 2012

26 miles
Sherwood Island start
with the blue water looking flat
sunshine, later wind, little ruffles
birds flying steadily in place

along the route
thoughts of wealth
big ugly clunky mansion for sale on a little corner lot
green lawns mean either ticks or pesticides
some people don’t know what poison ivy looks like

early along
the shoreline
strips of lawn and shrubs
with chairs in sets of two
to overlook the sound

4th ride

Maybe not the 4th ride of the year, but on the 4th –

up at 4:30 am, left home at 5
enticed to ride in the cool air, fewer vehicles
13.7 miles, leisurely
Cove Island to Darien and home
some breakfast at Panera’s – not great, but open at 6 am
hazy, no sunrise
a couple of families at Cove staking out picnic sites for all-day get-togethers
park looks shabby – budget cuts?