tour de bronx

47 miles – last ride of the year, most likely
serious hills toward the end of the ride near Spuyten Duyvil
enjoyable weather and great rider camaraderie

most memorable moment:
giant rider wearing a black sweater, his back looked a yard wide
his friend cycles past and says “You have a ladybug on your back”
he said “I do?”
I saw it, he did have a ladybug on this back

most beautiful scene:
four swans floating luxuriously among the reeds
crossing over to City Island/ Orchard Beach area

drivers were somewhat aggressive at times and
I had to practice non-violence in my thinking as well as riding
more or less successfully

dinner afterwards at Emilia’s, Arthur Avenue (Bronx of course)

new york ride

55 miles
New York City – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

didn’t attempt the 75 or the 100 this year

some light rain

crossing bridges: Brooklyn, Pulaski, RFK (Triboro), pedestrian bridge from Wards Island

I wrote a lot while waiting for companions to finish the 100

cape split ride

28 or so miles
bright day, very windy
scenic ride, lots of water views, a few bridges, little hills
stop for a short hike through a meadow down to a private beach
open to the public through the graciousness of the owners
Great Auk Land Trust

apple trees, pumpkins, potatoes, rose hips
pigs who are also apparently tired of eating squash

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west side (mostly) ride

30 miles
started at Jackie Robinson Park W 147th Street
had to backtrack to get around the park
(cycling up a hill better than carrying your bike up steep stairs at 155th)
bit of trouble finding the bike path along the Harlem River
but there are some beautiful uncrowded spots for picnicking there

city streets (Dyckman) for a few blocks
to intersect with the beginning of the west side bike path

main challenges: heat, various sore body parts, crowds
but on the whole, pleasant interesting riding

one more challenge: darkness, being caught in
had to navigate from 181st street back to 147th in the dark
double parked cars, car with flat tire bumping along,
buses pulling across the bike lane, other cyclists, many pedestrians

reward: dinner at Celeste, 84th and Amsterdam
not a fan of fried food, but I loved the fried artichokes topped off
with a frothy pile of fried parsley!

map only gives a vague idea of the route
for one thing, it’s showing driving directions, not bike routes
for another, it doesn’t show the return trip, which included a short cut at the end

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ride over the hudson

8 miles
just a short bit of Bike New York‘s Discover the Hudson Valley Ride
from Dutchess County Community College start
over the Walkway over the Hudson, former railroad bridge outside Poughkeepsie
took shelter with six or seven other cyclists on the other side while it poured rain
then scooted back over the bridge again and ended the ride soaking wet

rain all day today
it makes the outdoors seem alive

walkway soars 212 feet above the Hudson River
fear of heights kept me from looking down, or even much to the right or left
how to do it: count pedal strokes and stare straight ahead
strict discipline of mental activity being necessary to ride across that bridge

“In the seen, only the seen.” (not the imagined, i.e., somehow tumbling over the side of the bridge into the river)
Bahiya Sutta

misty bog ride

about 8 miles, with some walking
recreational trail starting at Card’s Crossing
early in the morning – started out cold and blind, glasses speckled with mist

biking on packed gravel until we got to the unfinished portion of the trail crossing the bog behind Schoodic mountain




fog started to lift


if you stand still for quite awhile, river otters might come out to play