Spring nibbles:

Pea shoot growing in the wrong place – tastes like peas.
Cilantro – self-seeded from last year! A few leaves.
The garlicky tasting stem of a ramp in Woodland Park.

river walk

I anticipated mud, but I got perfectly snow-covered trails, not slushy, just soft and a little slippery.

Blowing beech leaves accumulated in the trail.

beech leaves in path

beech leaves in path

leaves on snow

leaves on snow

The boulders in the water had a lot of presence. They appeared more defined with their snow coverings.

boulders, river

boulders, river

hard light

branches photo

branches photo

I really wanted to try overlaying this photo of hard black branches onto a scan of a painted background.

I have never liked the Hard Light Filter, but for this image, it did exactly what I wanted!

Two versions, one with a monochromatic section of the background, the other with the full multi-colored background. The background painting has graphite scribbles, which I feel create a delightful tangle with the branches. The water is very present in both images.

version 1 - mostly blue background

version 1 – mostly blue background

version 2 - multicolored background

version 2 – multicolored background


I took some photos of the philodendron’s shadow on the living room wall. Something very appealing about the shapes.