early flowers

March 30 – morning snow shower – temperatures just above freezing.

Watching Werner Herzog’s “Happy People: A Year on the Taiga” over the weekend gave me a whole new appreciation for spring snow.

dwarf siberian iris

dwarf siberian iris



sky skin

Taking photos of the sky at night. Low clouds reflect ground light in different ways. It is hard to capture in the photos, but there is a range of moody, moving colors. I feel them almost more than I see them.




ready and waiting

Ready to say goodbye to February.

Waiting for a loved one to get back in touch…someday.

It’s still cold.

Walking in the neighborhood.

A longer route takes me down Woodway Road to Hoyt Street. There are no sidewalks. Snow is piled everywhere. A few patches of wet mud reveal the state of the ground.

Hawk hunting at the neighbor’s bird feeder.

"bird feeder"

“bird feeder”

february morning

A chorus of unusual, liquid, and arousing bird calls while shoveling the car out this morning.

I spoke to the birds, I don’t remember what I said. I know I didn’t have the right words to say to them.

coating of snow

Yes I know, it’s cold in the Northeastern US.

My rule of thumb: Never complain about the weather. Be happy to let the weather do whatever it needs to do.

One thing I feel though: the landscape should reflect the temperature. When it’s cold, there should always be a coating of snow.

coating of snow

coating of snow


Question from Pascal Auclair: Can attention alter the world?