Sewn on Spine Book 2

The book features a horizontal bar stitch on the spine and decorative painted papers on the cover. I painted the paper months ago and knew I wanted to use it for a book although it is a lightweight 115 gsm Arches Rives BFK paper. We’ll see how it wears.

I’m hesitating before making book 3 to really think about the papers I want to incorporate and the cover design. And maybe choose a new stitching pattern for the spine.

Sewn on Spine Book 1

I’m learning sewn-on-spine book structures from Roz Stendahl. Used my lime green book cloth that I purchased in April in Portland. I cut the covers too big and there are tears at the interior hinge, but otherwise feeling good about the book. Making another one!


  • They didn’t suit me after all
  • Revisions
  • Long division
  • Adjusting to new territory
  • Adjusting

Titles auditioning for my art piece in progress. It will be made of 20 pieced squares representing landscapes.

The titles came to mind during a long walk through the preserve, then down Point Road to Cross Road. They are noted in reverse chronological order.

I like “Habitable” the best. Or maybe “Habitability.” I find it amazing how the mind ruminates and rummages around and eventually comes up with a title that pulls it all together.

The project may take the form of a wall hanging or a concertina book. Also thought about a table cloth.

Lots to do.

Buttonhole books

The second book I made at a Chapter II workshop with Margo Klass was the buttonhole book. I really enjoyed making this structure and made a second one at home. I bought more large sheets of toned paper so I can make more.

Decorative papers, painted with acrylics and walnut ink

The cut into the spine, khadi paper

The cut into the spine, glued. Getting ready to reinforce at top and bottom with small squares of bookcloth.

Completed book showing buttonhole stitching on spine

Interior view showing decorative and plain guard sheets, and gray toned text sheets

The second book uses striped paper for the cover and blue painted decorative papers. I used Rosemary’s embossing powder to add some interest to the interior.

Decorative pages, one with a tree stamp and embossing powder

Two buttonhole books, showing covers and spines

The polyozellus multiplex

We found an unusual mushroom a few weeks ago on a hike up Caribou Mountain. Tim spotted it and I can’t leave well enough alone, so I pressured Sam to pluck it and carry it home.

Identification was made with the help of the Facebook Maine Mushrooms group: polyozellus multiplex.

We made good use of it. Cooked some, dried some for later, dyed with it on both silk and paper. The dyed fibers still smell strongly of mushroom.

Polyozellus on the forest floor

At home – beautiful texture!

Cooked in broth – strong flavor, pleasant texture

Laid out on silk strip to dye, with some due flowers

Laid out on paper to dye with goldenrod, raspberry leaf, chrysanthemum petals, fern, safflower petals and a cosmos flower

Results on silk premordanted with iron

Results on paper