Monthly Archive: July 2020

Six five-square strips

Fun to line these all up together. The “blue banana” kind of jumps out at me! I could put some appliqué on others here and there. But the next step is the sixty (arrrggh!)...

A few squares

I seem to be finding a lot of comfort in stitching cloth scraps into squares. Nevertheless it can get a little boring. I’m exploring variations such as piecing two scraps together before stitching the...

Days passing

Somehow the days are passing. I hit on this edge motif for the solar ritual cloth, a row of one-inch squares in black and white topped with a colorful seasonal line of two-inch squares....

One, two, four

Having fun with one-inch squares and pairings. The pairings wanted to turn into squares, probably because of the shared blues.

Best Wishes block

I stitched this up quickly from components already available. It’s a joy to have materials on hand that can so easily come together. The piecing techniques all came from Jude Hill, at Spiritcloth.

Fours of July

A cold and gloomy day. A day of subdued reflection. Taking joy in bringing some order to these colors and shapes.