found frond

I found this on my computer – dated 12/15/1999.

nov violet

Saw a flash of purple raking leaves – a late violet.

pear skin*

“Pear skin” refers to a Japanese term for a pattern of dots. In this case, it’s a blend known as “dissolve.” And a Gaussian blur to make the nice soft edges. From a photo...

burning bush

Decomposition and recomposition of a photo of a burning bush. First layer – extraction of brightly colored leaves. It is an exclusion layer, which usually results in a blue-green, but didn’t in this case....

duplicate tulip

So wild – three of the same photo of fall colors, layered and offset with luminosity blending – look at all those colors! these were tulip tree leaves just before Sandy. Now they’re gone.

november ivy

two layers, one a phone photo of ivy, the other a messy painted page the ivy is “exclusion” layer then a brightness contrast adjustment then a hue adjustment leaning toward the purple/orange it’s very...