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return to cold water

Back up north, back to my routines. At first it felt good, then I started to miss the stimulation of novelty from my vacation. I had to reorient to contentment again.


I enjoyed the color of this gatepost mingled with the hedge’s leafy remnants.


Light snow, I had to walk in it. I enjoyed the sting of snowflakes on my face. Snow turned to sleet/rain and I was wet when I got home.


Walked in even colder weather this morning. Our route was not as exposed to wind and had more interesting features, so I didn’t feel as cold. We got a little lost and finally found...

animals in Maine

Update from Franklin. Feeling tired and a bit headachey. Walked this morning for two hours in 13*F cold sunshine. Saw a very dead fox on the road and a very live eagle on the...

magnificent gloom

Nothing like the gloom of the natural world. So different from the gloom of the human made neighborhood. Franklin, Maine. Blueberry fields off Georges Pond.


Raining. Franklin. Thoughts posted on the iPad: Daydreaming about living in Maine. Wondering about how / if I can return to cloth. Wondering if I can apply cloth-like techniques to paper. paper in General...