seeing shapes

My painting lesson for this week addresses Shapes. So I’m seeing shapes everyone I go. It is unusual to have your vision filtered, shape-seeking.

rocks in snow

rocks in snow

gravestones in snow

gravestones in snow

hard light

branches photo

branches photo

I really wanted to try overlaying this photo of hard black branches onto a scan of a painted background.

I have never liked the Hard Light Filter, but for this image, it did exactly what I wanted!

Two versions, one with a monochromatic section of the background, the other with the full multi-colored background. The background painting has graphite scribbles, which I feel create a delightful tangle with the branches. The water is very present in both images.

version 1 - mostly blue background

version 1 – mostly blue background

version 2 - multicolored background

version 2 – multicolored background

signals crossed


I wanted to keep playing with this imagery. This time I let the cathedral aisle show through and layered a lot of sun effects and color on top of it. I was originally thinking “pastel” but I seemed to gravitate toward the deeper colors.


animals in brooklyn



My mind said “Nativity scene” and struggled to register that it was a bird between the two figures.


Brooklyn holiday shopping itinerary:

We did not make it to F and G, but we were exhausted and overstimulated by then anyway.


on the floor

still life on floor

on the floor

Accidental still life –

Calendar page picturing roses, sanded with sandpaper for a project
Dried leaves brought inside for a project
Gold silk ribbon I just have hanging around because I like to look at it

I wanted to manipulate this image, but maybe i like it just the way it is.

Now that I’ve taken the photo, maybe I can pick up the floor.