animals in brooklyn



My mind said “Nativity scene” and struggled to register that it was a bird between the two figures.


Brooklyn holiday shopping itinerary:

We did not make it to F and G, but we were exhausted and overstimulated by then anyway.


on the floor

still life on floor

on the floor

Accidental still life –

Calendar page picturing roses, sanded with sandpaper for a project
Dried leaves brought inside for a project
Gold silk ribbon I just have hanging around because I like to look at it

I wanted to manipulate this image, but maybe i like it just the way it is.

Now that I’ve taken the photo, maybe I can pick up the floor.


A ceremony of digital transformation. Looking and attention. The cropped center of the piece seems interesting in a different way than the entire piece. The crop reveals subtle green shades and rectangles out of line. The whole piece holds a kind of pinwheel wonderment with the spiraling fragments of “S”.



corners, layered with transparency

corners, layered with transparency

Ceremony focuses attention so that attention becomes intention. If you stand together and profess a thing before your community, it holds you accountable.

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass, page 249

filter: poster edges

I like to use filters in Elements, but usually I don’t like the results.

This one started with a photo of the ruins from Leon Levy. It was much too busy, but when I cropped it down to some simple trees, I thought it worked well with poster edges.

forest, poster edges filter

forest – poster edges filter

narrative collage

Final project for Jane’s Text and Image class. Sensation of only beginning to be familiar with mixing text and image.

I enjoyed working with these goofy and serious pictures from old magazine advertising.

The narrative is not only in the words. There are layers of narrative.
The facial expressions
The colors
The types of people: gender, age, race
Where they are looking
Gestures and activities
The red lines


Words of wisdom from Jane Davies:

In the text-image realm, the concept can be as important (or more so in some cases) as the visual. AND, for the purposes of learning, for this class anyway, I think it’s more important to tackle the assignment, do the problem-solving, than to make something beautiful. You will continue [to] develop your own vocabulary of beauty.

cutting corners

I didn’t like the colors, so I made this black and white.

Then cut corners, and added filters as a disguise.

In the first one, the corners are very distinct. In the second one, everything is layered and rotated over and over, so the stripes appear more blended.



And another one in color.