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final cross-country ski of 2017

One last record a solo ski on Old Pond Rail Trail cold, but comfortable fell once, a maneuver to get upright beautiful snow, and monochromatic gray 2.3 miles

almost ended

The year is almost over snow below, winds above branches iced with white snowshoeing in the preserve with Andrea precious

along the beach, december

cold wind, snow on ground through the preserve past the community garden down Eastside road turned at Carter Lane past the abandoned house down the meadow through the woods onto Salt Pond Road to...

regular preserve

My regular walk into the woods behind the house the preserve 21 minutes 1.1 miles more or less

my forest

Regular route in the preserve south of the house moss still green in spite of freezing, snow

cross-country ski, Old Pond Trail

Cross Country Skiing by myself on Old Pond trail exhilarating not sure whether I was tiring but wanted to reach the first road so persevered and made it on the way back listened to...

first snowshoe of the season

happy to get on my snowshoes once again and venture into the preserve for a quick loop 42 minutes 1.1 miles