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old roses

Poor housekeeping … or a love of elderly flowers? These are left over from Valentine’s day, more than a month old.

gold wire

Fascinating. Gold wire netting on a wine bottle. I could free the bottle by untwirling three nodes at the bottom. We puzzled over how this was put together, but couldn’t figure it out. Can’t...


Banister shadow. It looks like the handle of a mug.

it settles in

How to express it – the effect of winter, when it really settles in.

yoga retreat

I spent the weekend at Kripalu. Driving on Friday, snowstorm on Saturday, leaving on Sunday. The setting is breathtaking, a beautiful bowl in the Berkshires opening up in front of you.


I took some photos of the philodendron’s shadow on the living room wall. Something very appealing about the shapes.