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I have a favorite tree

It’s this beautiful old spreading oak in Bedford, New York. Looking particularly stunning in the early morning mist in its fall color.

displaced, out of step

Feeling like I can’t keep up – displaced. Is there a corresponding word for out of step in time? Links to savor later: Dwelling with Place: Lorine Niedecker’s Ecopoetics The Art of Exploring: Flanerie...

“the winds”

I walked out of the building tonight about 7 pm. The wind was fresh and alive. The air was soft and room temperature. I felt like I was surrounded by air. It was delightful....

“the nest”

My sense of home has been challenged these past few days, working on getting my parents’ house ready to sell. I lived there six years from 7th grade through high school, and then summers...

early flowers

March 30 – morning snow shower – temperatures just above freezing. Watching Werner Herzog’s “Happy People: A Year on the Taiga” over the weekend gave me a whole new appreciation for spring snow.

four mile route

Now that the weather is getting slightly better, I’m interested in finding some new routes in the neighborhood. I tried this route, thought it might be too long, but it was fine. I use...

hello world

I love the earliest flowers. It is a challenge to get enough of them, they disappear so fast.