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“the winds”

I walked out of the building tonight about 7 pm. The wind was fresh and alive. The air was soft and room temperature. I felt like I was surrounded by air. It was delightful....

steichen’s pond

Neglected…a lot of half fledged insights lost. Walks disappear from memory. But not from maps. I mean Moves. There’s a park in Redding called Topstone, land bequeathed to the town by the photographer Edward...

woodland bridge

I’ve been walking in Woodland Park close to home. Today in a spring snowstorm. I felt accompanied by millions.

river walk

I anticipated mud, but I got perfectly snow-covered trails, not slushy, just soft and a little slippery. Blowing beech leaves accumulated in the trail. The boulders in the water had a lot of presence....

kent falls

There are a few places in Connecticut for which I feel real fondness. Kent Falls is one of them.

return to cold water

Back up north, back to my routines. At first it felt good, then I started to miss the stimulation of novelty from my vacation. I had to reorient to contentment again.