One, two, four

Having fun with one-inch squares and pairings. The pairings wanted to turn into squares, probably because of the shared blues.

Best Wishes block

I stitched this up quickly from components already available. It’s a joy to have materials on hand that can so easily come together. The piecing techniques all came from Jude Hill, at Spiritcloth.

Fours of July

A cold and gloomy day. A day of subdued reflection. Taking joy in bringing some order to these colors and shapes.

Boreal sunset book

A little book 4” high x 3-1/4” wide. The covers are scraps of an eco-printed paper toned with watercolors. I’ve been saving them for awhile, waiting for a use to arise. I dyed the...

Quiet ingredients

I finished these two books this week, following Ali Manning’s instructions in her Handmade Book Club for the “slim case binding.” The colors are subdued and quiet. They give a feeling of peace when...

Solar system

An overcast day, an excuse to stay inside and play with puzzle pieces. Also, I’ve finished stitching a hem around these four solar phase circles, so trying out more design ideas. This is a...

Strip weaving on the shadow side

I’m filling out the edges of the yellow strip weaving with purple. I’m not sure I like the straight lines in the large circle. I keep visualizing the strips going around the form. Well...