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the inner mind says ‘yes’

Nine Pioneering Female Artists in their Nineties Models of life in art, art in life. Room in my heart for more beside Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth. Found more in this article from AnOther...

early flowers

March 30 – morning snow shower – temperatures just above freezing. Watching Werner Herzog’s “Happy People: A Year on the Taiga” over the weekend gave me a whole new appreciation for spring snow.

the eerie

Notes on the erhu: 1 I was reading haiku on The Heron’s Nest last night. I came across a word new to me: “erhu.” evening breeze ruffling thoughts of her echoes of the erhu...

birthday presents

One of the best salads I have ever had! Kale, butternut squash bits, and burrata. Perfectly prepared. And, just because I love snow – a mini birthday blizzard came along.

kent falls

There are a few places in Connecticut for which I feel real fondness. Kent Falls is one of them.

new york tourism

I walked in New York City on Monday. Grand Central to Central Park and back. I’m not sure how far that is. It’s a very touristy, busy route. Lots of people trying to pass...