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Practical philosophy

Dr. Cornel West’s title at Harvard is Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy. I like the name of his subject but I shortened it to Practical Philosophy. And here it’s more personal than...

snow mound

Enjoyed the big blizzard on Saturday. Sketched a snow mound on Sunday morning.

constant buzzing

Contributing to unsettledness – I have my laptop set up in the front room, downstairs. There’s always a large fly in here. Buzzing. I don’t know if it’s the same fly every day or...

back, sketching

I’ve been home from India for over a month. Just starting to feel like I know what to do next. I signed up for a drawing class with Roz Stendhal. Her blog has been...

woodland bridge

I’ve been walking in Woodland Park close to home. Today in a spring snowstorm. I felt accompanied by millions.