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Call for submissions – Fragments

Call for submissions, Fragments issue, I’m serving as co-editor on the upcoming issue of qarrtsiluni! Excited about this issue!

ink works

Beautiful Crap The art of Karen Green. I really really like the ink work, especially fond of Survivor Mice.

bird imagery underfoot

…otherworldly hats and crowns along with strange clothing and bird imagery seen underfoot myriad interesting animals used as mounts … yak, otter, cuckoo bird, water beasts “Initiation cards” described in Rubin Museum exhibition “Bon: The Magic Word”

from the office

Poems from the Office (pdf) One-Line Poems by Kathryn Born Of interest because it uses office artifacts to create poems and because the coffee stain on the front cover is an enso (or the enso on the front cover is a coffee stain). This is the only example I’ve found. Probably because office artifacts are …

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Calendars by Annie Finch Calendars Study Guide You could learn everything you need to know about meter & scansion by studying these two books.

coaxing words

From the Mongol Embassy website: In their many years of nomadic life, the Mongols have developed their own specific techniques of handling livestock. One technique employs toig, a special coaxing word, which is uttered or rather sung when a ewe is being coaxed into accepting a rejected lamb. The word toig is used with sheep …

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“tired of trees”

In A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari, 20th century French post-structuralists, are interested in explorations and subversions instead of analytic logic and unified Truth, of which the concept of the rhizome is only part. They contend that the tree – the arboreal structure- is the dominant image of the world; in the image of the …

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