sunday meander

limited expression, limited by
cloudiness unjustified by Sunday’s
simple misery – so long let go
still flow say so myrrh go far

low fairly groveling not willing to hold
still atmospheric changes mind will follow
feelings follow and the feeling tones,
a flock of sheep with perfect teeth

I see your teeth I see your sheep
your shape your perfect hair
How adulterous how adulary
how omniferous – iron shapes

the seedlings tender iron
flowing in their veins Hard to
know a hard attack may l’art
simple simple simple sometimes

your writing is so simple you can’t
do it stuck below the rungs of simple
with your monkey-loving hands
reaching reaching grasping fingerly

soft soft inversion find a balance
simple comfortable but no time at the
table practice scooping, scooping into
singing veins, the hard attack

the tremolo the tremulo my dad’s
hand chucking under baby’s chin
familiar escapade for relaxation no
baby brutality of babies here at home

how will they travel? and how do they
know when to come home? and when
to fold their little wings and settle down
and when to roam? and what day

must it be for questions to make arbitrary
sense? and what day must it be to clear
the question buildup, do some dusting,
and serve sandwiches?