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Yes, it’s a new year. I feel unsettled. Still cloudy-minded, striving for what, I don’t know. To recapture what can’t be recaptured, to move to an imagined place of deeper meaning. Still making. It’s...

tsagaglal, she who watches

Lillian Pitt’s Expressions of “She Who Watches” Every river should have a watcher. Photo from:


return to the source effort expended in vain deaf to the shushing blind to red petals tada korekore nothing is specia!


buoyant in current body only flotation water sunfiltered sunflowers drowned float on my left    should I struggle to pluck them

river came up last night

river came up last night washa washa washa river lake stream spring or was it an ocean? An ocean, glittering, a bay, a sound (sound) a sound a sound What is this uncertainty insecurity...


I am dammed dammed for a reservoir my waters are low my fishways are gradually declining I am impoverished my watershed is overused I am impounded for hydroelectricity in several places I am dangerous...

bereft of waters

trembling in the mountains war between Indra and demon Vritra melting of glaciers origin Bandapunch masiff Sarawati-Rupin glacier confluence at Naitwar in western Garhwal descending through Adibadri Bhavanipur and Balchapur foothills to plains a...