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We watched the Sugar Bowl Parade. The faces of the young people were quite beautiful.

party, valladolid

Last day of my 50’s. Interested in tomorrow. A breakthrough, but what will be its nature? These two party-goers from Valladolid make me happy. Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid (Spain) in 1506.


The mysteries of Mexico, December 29 through January 5, 2016. A place to start the new year. Photos – Yucatán Rückkehrunruhe, from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: n. the feeling of returning home after...

kent falls

There are a few places in Connecticut for which I feel real fondness. Kent Falls is one of them.

yoga retreat

I spent the weekend at Kripalu. Driving on Friday, snowstorm on Saturday, leaving on Sunday. The setting is breathtaking, a beautiful bowl in the Berkshires opening up in front of you.

route 7 to kripalu

This was a beautiful drive. I could have stopped so much more often to take photos. But there was a sort of pushing to get where I was going. Someday I will take a...


Three days in the Everglades – amazing, challenging, heartbreaking. We were outdoors a lot more than usual. The two most intense physical experiences were hiking through clouds of mosquitoes and kayaking in pouring rain....