Category: Poems 2005

harvest of haiku

whirring-winged insect unzips black cover over this October night +++ o green katydid don’t poop on my windowsill raise your sail and fly +++ white heron snake-neck consumed by her spearfishing sorry, no photos...

poem with made-up words

Root cellar girl tucked in there among the glangsnide carrots bins of yams and winter squash. Unconcerned about clean body unconcerned about health unconcerned about movement. Very very still cultivating allsomely the snorval fear...


fly away fl’away fl’aw’ failure f’lure f”ur’

household poem

morning eyes open see clouds in layers gray bluegray graygold and sky white with morning greet fungus angel on the opposite roof and notice more murk arise in my mood raise swampy legs one...

in my opinion

After you visit City Lights Pocket Poets Series “Lunch Poems” by Frank O’Hara in Border’s Book Store so often that your fingeroil DNA completely coats both covers and your eyestains invisibly darken every page...

lunch haiku

ancient September* soon break your blue sky bowl and spill fog memories *phrase from Frank O’Hara’s “Naphtha”

the argument

pale shallow pale shallow swallow thin vapor thin vapor strider still still stale still stale stall stone pale yellow pale yellow hollow the argument