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Calendars by Annie Finch Calendars Study Guide You could learn everything you need to know about meter & scansion by studying these two books.

coaxing words

From the Mongol Embassy website: In their many years of nomadic life, the Mongols have developed their own specific techniques of handling livestock. One technique employs toig, a special coaxing word, which is uttered...

“tired of trees”

In A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari, 20th century French post-structuralists, are interested in explorations and subversions instead of analytic logic and unified Truth, of which the concept of the rhizome is only part....

woonasquatucket primitive

The Woonasquatucket Primitive I like this blog. It’s a time-defined exploration of an artistic phenomenon along a river. It combines pictures (slides), written documentation, suppositions, and quotes. And it goes backwards and forwards. link...

félix guattari

1930-1992 …his essential topic: the question of subjectivity. “How to produce it, collect it, enrich it, reinvent it permanently in order to make it compatible with mutant Universes of value?” Concepts such as “micropolitics,”...

tsagaglal, she who watches

Lillian Pitt’s Expressions of “She Who Watches” Every river should have a watcher. Photo from:


Japanese Hiragana I love this relaxed looping script, originally called onnade, “women’s hand.” As practiced by Otagaki Rengetsu: