Scraps diary

I put this book together on the spur of the moment. I had some signatures set aside because the edges were badly uneven from inexpert tearing. I had a piece of paste paper that I like a lot that was about the right size for a cover. And I had a demo of the bow stitch binding from Ali Manning’s group that I really wanted to try.

Spine showing bow stitch binding
Inside cover; doily imprint came subtly through the paper

Now – another piece of serendipity. An Instagram account I follow posted an image of her scraps diary in a nine-patch format. I jumped on it. I can do that! I have scraps! I know the nine-patch! I have a book that’s just the right size and shape!

So I started and I’m almost done with the first signature, one page a day since December 10. It has been a pleasure.

First page of scraps diary, 10 Dec 2020
Recent page of scraps diary, 19 Dec 2020

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